Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Different Take on the CD3 Los Alamos Forum

I found another Los Alamos blog, one with a brief review of the CD-3 forum in Los Alamos.

Here's the relevant quote:

District 3 Debate

Last night, the League of Women voters and the Association of University Women (???) held a debate between the candidates for the District 3 Congressional Representative seat. My impression was the Ben Lujan did his job. He held his ground and sounded like he knew what he was talking about. Carol Miller, the independent was very impressive and nearly stole the show, she clearly is the most experienced candidate, but Lujan seemed to win by a hair by hitting on all the key issues of the day. The Republican, Dan East, seemed very weak on issues and tentative in his answers and even flatlined when questioned about what he felt were key Supreme Court decisions.

A slightly different take from mine, but hopefully by writing these posts, if someone does a blog search about this race they will find a little more information than what the local newspapers provide.

I will say that while East was initially flummoxed by the Supreme Court question (What is the most important SC decision of the last 40 years?), he did return to the question in a subsequent answer and mentioned the recent SC ruling on the DC handgun ban. Miller was most impressive on this question, listing what she thought were the three most important SC decisions of the last 40 years (Roe v. Wade, the 2000 presidential election, and the Money-is-Speech decision).

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