Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Damned by Faint Praise? SFNM endorses Lujan

The Santa Fe New Mexican has endorsed Ben Ray Lujan for New Mexico's third congressional district.

Let's consider their logic. First, Congress needs as many Democrats as possible and Ben Ray Lujan is a Democrat, so regardless of his qualifications, we should vote for him. Next, a quote from the endorsement:

"Son of state House Speaker Ben Luján, Ben Ray emerged from political obscurity four years ago to win our region's seat on New Mexico's Public Regulation Commission."

How exactly does the son of the state House Speaker emerge from political obscurity?

Another quote:

"In the House, he'll need plenty of mentoring — but there's never been a shortage of that on Capitol Hill: Veteran representatives and longtime staffers are a wealth of knowledge and lore, lots of which they're only too happy to share. Oh, and did we mention lobbyists? They certainly know the ins and outs, and will be positively salivating at the chance to do favors for the freshman.

Such tuition carries a high price. Luján should spend the post-election transition period asking his dad and other seasoned pals how to hold his ground against pressure groups who'll want the congressman's vote — perhaps against the interests of the folks back home."

Is this a joke? He needs to ask someone how to stand up to special interest groups? That's the person you want me to vote for?

What did we learn from this endorsement? I guess we learned that the Sante Fe New Mexican is a tool of the Democratic Party. That's a shame. Are there any unbiased news sources for Northern New Mexico?

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